Most of my short stories are snapshots of off-kilter people, at a critical point in their lives. I’m interested in characters that don’t quite feel at home in the world, in the strange rituals we create to make sense of things, and the subconscious and often paradoxical explanations we give ourselves. Folklore – especially urban folklore – is a particular fascination.

Writers I love include Kurt Vonnegut, Wells Tower, Mary Otis, Joy Williams, Mary Otis, Adam Marek, Diao Dou and George Saunders. I’m also a big fan of Jan Svankmajer, and the incredible ceramic work of Kerry Jameson.

I’m currently – slowly – working on a novel entitled Life on Other Planets. It’s about a family convening to sort out the house and estate of an elderly relative, a hoarder and spiritualist, and the chaos that ensues. The opening chapter was a runner up at the 2016 Writing on the Wall Pulp Idol competition. You can read an excerpt of it here and there are links below to my other stories.

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